MICRO-SODE feat. Kristy Walker

In this Micro-Sode Teresa talks to none other than The Last Picture podcast co-host, Kristy Walker, about her music photography. They talk mostly about her recently unveiled love for music photography and some of her work in the local San Diego Music Scene. Kristy started her career as a photojournalist and has weaved down many different trails of professional photography landing now on lifestyle, branding, editorial, portrait, and music photography.


Episode #10 - Andrew Rowley

Rowley is the co-creator of A Red Trolley Show, where he films bands playing live on the iconic San Diego public transportation,  and the co-founder of the music, travel and lifestyle company, Rowlbertos Media. Kristy and Teresa talk with him about about his work that started with passion for the music world and in local radio. They also hit on some great behind the scene moments including working with a camel and his passion for burritos. 


Episode #09 - Weston Fuller

Conceptual Photographer, Weston Fuller, talks with Teresa and Kristy about creating his art with photography and his latest series that went viral "Plastic Surf". They talk about how this beautiful photo series has a powerful environmental and social message as well as the process involved creating it.

See Weston's work at  westonfuller.com

See Weston's work at westonfuller.com

Episode #08 - Steve Yedlin

Cinematographer of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", Steve Yedlin, talks with Kristy and Teresa about working on the movie, working with director Rian Johnson, and his approach to making movies. Steve has worked as the Director of Photography on many major motion pictures, including "Carrie", "Looper", "The Brothers Bloom", "Love and other Impossible Pursuits", and "Brick". He talks about some behind the scene moments deciding how to light scenes in "The Last Jedi" as well as how he found out that he got the gig shooting Star Wars.

Check out Steve's reel at  yedlin.net

Check out Steve's reel at yedlin.net

Episode #07 - Embry Rucker

Lifestyle and Editorial Photographer, Embry Rucker,  talks shop and story about his adventurous photography career. He's gone from shooting snowboarding to being a photographer in demand for major brands such as The North Face, Prana, Nike and many, many more. Embry talks to Kristy and Teresa about shooting in hard elements for adventure companies and how he once embarrassed himself shooting actor Jaden Smith. 

See Embry's work  at embryrucker.com

See Embry's work at embryrucker.com

MICRO-SODE feat. Brett Butterstein

Brett Butterstein is a Wedding Photographer who shoots destination weddings. He was featured as one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World – American Photo Magazine as well as Photographer of the Year for the WPJA. A quick hit. 15 minutes tops. More raw. On location, or not. Insight into one professional photographer's life and process.

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Episode #03 - Chris Hershman and McKenzie Hanson

Chris Hershman has spent time as the touring photographer with bands such as Switchfoot and shot the first music video for The Alabama Shakes. He now labels himself a Visual Artist and a Creative Producer focusing on lifting bands and brands up with their visual image. McKenzie Hansen collaborates with Hershman as well as focusing on her own business of shooting photos of weddings, events and lifestyle branding for companies as well as being a filmmaker.  They discuss how being successful as a creative by pushing past fear as well as following your passion. They also chat about how to keep moving forward and not to be afraid to expand your repertoire. There is A mention of a false UFO sighting and balancing being a mother and a working photographer. 

Chris Headshot-3.jpg